What’s the darkest you can tint your windows legally?

Window tinting is essential for your car since it can help to shield the inside of your vehicle from damaging UV rays. In certain regions, however, there are limitations on the permitted darkness of window tint. Let’s discover more about these rules and regulations with Yuma Auto Spa.

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What Are The Benefits Of Window Films To Your Car?

Let’s find out some of the benefits of window films and why you should consider having one installed on your vehicle.

Provide more privacy.

First, and maybe most importantly, is privacy. Outsiders and other drivers cannot see inside your car through tinted windows. Tinted windows are an effective method for discouraging potential thieves. Leaving a phone or laptop visible inside your car will invite potential thieves. You will feel safer knowing that any valuables in your vehicle will be less apparent if you tint your windows.

Reduce the amount of heat inside the vehicle.

The second advantage of window films is that they keep your vehicle’s interior cooler. They reduce the heat from direct sunlight on hot summer days, keeping the inside of your automobile cooler. Consider the possibility that low-transparency window tints may lower the heat inside your automobile by up to 70 percent, but keep in mind your state’s tinting laws. Additionally, you may use less energy since your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to keep your car cool. Direct sunlight may damage or fade the leather upholstery in your car’s interior. Tinting will prevent this from occurring.

Avoid UV Rays

In addition, there is the question of health. It is common knowledge that exposure to direct sunlight is detrimental. A quality tinting film can block 99 percent of UV radiation, safeguarding your skin while driving. 

Avoid broken glass.

The film may also protect you and your vehicle in a car accident by preventing your windows from breaking everywhere. Even if the window breaks, the tint typically retains the fragments of glass together, preventing it from shattering, so you will be glad you had window tint installed if you are involved in an accident.

What Are The Darkest Window Films Allowed In Yuma, AZ?

Legislation specifies the darkness and reflectance of window tint. It also refers to visible light transmission (VLT), or the amount of light let into the car by the tint. In Arizona, the legislation regulates the proportion of permissible VLT based on the kind of window and vehicle. The Arizona Revised Statute 28-959.01 outlines the guidelines a driver must follow while tinting a car, SUV, or van.

  • The VLT of the front side windows must exceed 33 percent.
  • Backside and rear windows may be tinted to any darkness.
  • If the rear windshield is tinted, two side mirrors are required by law.
  • Front and rear side windows must reflect less than 35% of light (plus or minus 3 percent or less).
  • Above the AS-1 line, the front windshield may only have a nonreflective tint.

Xpel Window Films at Yuma Auto Spa in Yuma, AZ

Window Tintings at Yuma Auto Spa will enhance your car’s value with:

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  • High qualified and professional technicians.
  • State of the art techniques.

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