What Is The Process Of Applying A Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a protective layer applied to the car’s surface which not only adds shine to your vehicle but also removes contaminants and stains. But how can we properly apply a ceramic coating? What should we take into consideration before the application? Let’s find out with Yuma Auto Spa in Yuma, AZ!


What Should We Be Aware Of Before Applying A Ceramic Coating?

Preparation is crucial for the application of a ceramic coating to a vehicle. Failure to follow the proper preparatory stages may interfere with the layer, reducing the ceramic coatings protection efficiency.

It is important to prepare your vehicle effectively for the installation of a ceramic coating:

Step 1: Clean the Vehicle

We begin by washing the outside of your vehicle. As you drive and go about our everyday life, grime, trash, filth, and other substances continually accumulate outside on our car’s exterior. We will remove these contaminants by washing the vehicle and leaving behind a clean exterior.

Step 2: Use a clay bar

Using a clay bar after washing your automobile is also a key aspect during preparation. Clay’s abrasive composition will help to remove some of the deeper material accumulated on your vehicle.

Step 3: Examine and Repair Scratches

We are not repairing defects when we apply an automotive coating to your vehicle. We are preserving the existing paint job and increasing the vehicle’s luster. Apply a paint corrector to the outside of your car. Inspect the vehicle for any scratches or blemishes, such as swirls. Use the paint corrector on these areas to verify that the vehicle’s paint is flawless before continuing.

Step 4: Apply Cutting Compounds and Polish

After paint repair, the outside of the vehicle should be polished using a high quality compound. A polish will increase the luster of your car’s paint, which will be reflected after applying the automotive coating.

What Are The Stages Of Ceramic Coating Application?

Step 1: Select the Appropriate Products

Before starting the procedure, it is essential to have the necessary materials. The very first item required is the ceramic coating product itself.

Step 2: Coating Application

Now is the time to apply the coating on the vehicle panel by panel. Ensure that we pick the appropriate environment. Avoid applying the solution when your vehicle is directly exposed to sunlight. Obtain the sponge applicator and a cloth. 


Step 3: Allow Time to Cure

After applying the automotive coating to the whole automobile, the final step is to allow the coating to cure.

Throughout this procedure, the solution dries and begins to solidify. The duration of the curing process is affected by the wind, humidity, and temperature of the environment. We will often be required to wait between 24 and 48 hours. Ensure that no other substances come into contact with your vehicle during this time. It gives us environmental control and the ability to avoid contamination from airborne particles while the coating cures successfully.

Step Four: Follow AfterCare Instructions

After the coating has dried, we must guarantee that the coating’s protective properties are maintained by following the proper maintenance measures.

A car’s automotive coating must be cleaned every two weeks. This also prevents the accumulation of too many impurities on the vehicle.

Where Can We Find Superior Ceramic Coating In Yuma, AZ?

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