What If It Rains After Getting A Ceramic Coating?

Are you looking for a protective layer for your vehicle? Look no further than ceramic coatings! Ceramic coatings will protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions and much more! Take a look at this article with Yuma Auto Spa to see how ceramic coatings work and what happens to ceramic coatings when it rains!

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How Can Our Vehicle’s Benefit From A Ceramic Coating?

A good quality ceramic coating will benefit both old vehicles and the new ones. Here are three outstanding advantages of ceramic coatings you should know!

Give A High Gloss Finish

With a high quality ceramic coating, your vehicle’s surface will be protected, and the new coating will also give your car a stunning, mirror-like shine. It will bring out the finest in your original paint job, restoring your car’s appearance to the same quality as the day you drove it out the showroom!

Protect Your Paint

You expose the paint to potentially damaging pollutants every time you drive your automobile. Ceramic coatings offer a robust, protective barrier on the body of your vehicle that prevents any extraneous particles from causing harm to your car’s surface. It can survive substantial amounts of damage, including fading, oxidation, and chemical staining, without displaying any obvious effects on your automobile. Additionally, ceramic coatings help to protect your vehicle from UV radiation, which can cause oxidation and make your car look dull and faded.

Hydrophobic Properties

Ceramic coatings are highly efficient water repellents. When water hits these surfaces, it condenses into beads; the coating is so resistant, that these small balls of water roll off the car, picking up debris as they go. This property of the coating guarantees that your vehicle’s paint is cleaned every time it rains!

Does Ceramic Coating Fail If It Rains?

Regardless of whether the water is rainwater or tap water, the contaminants will disrupt the cross link bonds before they can ultimately form. In many cases, this may lead to early coating breakdown. Consequently, washes and driving in the rain are discouraged within the first week after application.

How Do I Protect Against Rain After Getting A Ceramic Coating?

Utilizing a ceramic coating reinforcer adds a layer of protection to the coating, preventing rainwater and other destabilizing forces from penetrating.

It will give an additional layer of protection on top of the hydrophobic coating. Avoiding rain for one week after getting your car coated is crucial since your coating will require time to cure properly. 

How long does ceramic coating take to cure?

The curing period is two to three weeks depending on ambient circumstances like humidity and temperature. Use caution within the specified period. As the coating is hydrophobic, it may help to avoid water stains on your clear finish. Ceramic Pro, however, is not impervious to hard water stains and is not bulletproof. The coating is less prone to etches than the factory finish, but it is particularly susceptible to water spots during curing which can be expensive to remove.

  • During drying, avoid parking under trees, especially if they are dropping leaves. On a new coating, tree sap can be very damaging.
  • Prevent bird droppings, sap, or pollen from baking in the sun on your vehicle.
  • Immediately remove any wet spots, bird droppings, insects, tree sap, or other impurities from your car during the first two weeks by following our care guidelines. Remember that the covering is still pliable. 

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