Should you consider ceramic coating for your car?

You’ve no doubt heard of the term “ceramic coating” before, if you’re seeking a long lasting strategy to protect the exterior of your automobile from the weather and environmental factors. Ceramic coating can provide years of protection for paint, glass, and alloys. You’ll learn everything about ceramic coatings and why you should acquire one for your vehicle in this article. 

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What does ceramic coating mean?

Ceramic coatings contain silicon dioxide in a liquid state, usually generated from quartz crystals. The coating provides a transparent layer of protection that is very hydrophobic, slippery, and durable when applied to a car’s surface. The ultimate goal is to keep the vehicle looking cleaner and newer for an extended period.

Yuma Auto Spa provides a high quality ceramic coating service, using quality products such as Xpel, certified by industry leading ceramic coating firms.

Reasons to choose ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings provide several advantages that make them an excellent choice for exterior protection, including:

Outstanding Longevity

Ceramic coatings often last many years, with the highest grade products lasting up to five years. They last much longer than other types of paint protection. Natural waxes typically last only a few months, sealants usually last 6-12 months. This is one of the reasons why ceramic coatings are becoming so popular. They provide car owners with the assurance that their vehicle is protected, even if they don’t have time to wax it every few months.

Protection at a high level

A ceramic coating also provides excellent protection for the vehicle’s exterior. All cars, especially those driven regularly and stored outside, are susceptible to the elements. Ceramic coatings can protect your car from UV rays, water spots, dirt, and other chemicals on the exterior.

The paintwork will eventually become dull and faded over time as a result of UV exposure. A transparent layer of paint, known as the “clear coat,” rests on top of the base layer, which helps to retain the car’s original color. The clear coat’s purpose is to protect the base coat and keep the color vivid.

Hydrophobic Qualities.

Another significant advantage of using a ceramic coating on your vehicle, is that it provides a hydrophobic layer of protection. This means that water will slip off your car without causing stains, this is beneficial for several reasons.

For starters, it keeps the car looking clean. Muddy road water will spray up onto the car’s lower panels when driving in the rain. If allowed to dry, this dirty water will leave a layer of filth and grime on the paintwork. Ceramic coatings allow water to slide off the surface immediately, which means dirt and filth can’t stick to the paint.

Glossy Finish 

Ceramic coatings are renowned for leaving a high gloss surface on the paintwork, which is good news for those who prefer a shiny, slick looking car. This is due to the quality of the coatings and the preparation that goes into correctly applying them, which significantly improves the finish.

Where to get ceramic coating installed?

If you have no prior expertise in applying ceramic coatings, it can be a tricky process. Most automobile owners hire a professional detailer to coat their vehicles. Furthermore, many higher quality ceramic coatings are only available through licensed specialists and are not available to purchase for the general public.

When you choose a detailer to ceramic coat your automobile, you can rest assured that the coating will function well and last a long time. It also allows you to use higher end ceramic coatings.

Yuma Auto Spa has a workforce that has undergone various training courses. Our staff are certified by some of the most well known ceramic coating manufacturers on the planet. Call 928-287-6199 or come to 1246 S. 3rd Ave, Yuma, AZ, to book your appointment today. 

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