How Long Does Window Tinting Take To Cure?

Window tinting will protect your privacy and prevent the upholstery in your vehicle from fading. So, is applying window tinting a wise investment for your vehicle? Do you know how long window tint takes to cure? What factors can affect the curing time? Continue to read this article with Yuma Auto Spa in Yuma, AZ, to get all the answers and more!

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What Is The Process Of Applying Window Tinting?

Step 1: Clean the inside glass surfaces that will have the film applied. We advise using a window cleaner designed for automobiles to eliminate oil, smudges, and stains. Utilize a squeegee and a window razor to eliminate extra moisture and dry the glass after cleaning it thoroughly.

Step 2: Start by spraying water on the external glass of the window. Water softly keeps the film in place, allowing us to tweak it and trim, to fit without holding it uncomfortably against the glass. Then, trim the film with a knife after pushing it into the window recess. Cut as accurately as possible along the window frame lines and round the corners to avoid peeling. Remember that you will need to gradually wind down the window to ensure that the film is cut to the correct form.

Step 3: Use a heat gun to mold the window film to the precise dimensions and shape of the window. The heat will make it easy to stretch and bend the film.

Step 4:Remove the backing and shower the film with clean water. Keeping the film as wet as possible will make it simpler to modify and position on the glass before it adheres, allowing for a precise fit.

Step 5: Apply the film to the inside of the glass with care, using a plastic card to press it into the corners. A heat gun will keep the film flexible until you’ve eliminated all wrinkles and air pockets; however, you must apply it to the outside of the glass so as not to melt the film.

Step 6: Utilize a metal file on the window’s edge to create a smooth and rounded finish. It will prevent the film from detaching when the window is raised or lowered.

When It Comes To Curing, How Long Does Window Tinting Take?

The drying time will depend on environmental factors such as the climate and season. During the summer, the sun will aid in curing (or drying) your vehicle’s window tint within two to four days. However, if you have this treatment during the winter, you may have to wait up to four weeks for your car’s window tint to dry.

No matter how long it takes for the window tint to cure, you should not wash your automobile immediately. It may affect the drying process and cause the window bubbles to remain even longer. However, you may expedite the drying process by parking your car in bright sunshine or in a garage if it is snowing or raining.

Window Tinting Aftercare

Here are ways to preserve the appearance of your freshly tinted windows and prevent their degradation.

  • Avoid using cleansers containing ammonia.
  • Immediately remove any insect remains, bird droppings and strange substances.
  • Cotton made paper towels, brushes, and washcloths should not be used.
  • Avoid throwing off your seat belt since doing so might harm the film or chip the glass.
  • Although tints are low maintenance, it is still important to exercise caution since your car’s windows are coated with a thin film. By adhering to these guidelines, your investment will last longer, and you will prevent future problems.

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