How effective is window tinting for UV protection?

Even when we aren’t outside, UV rays can affect us. You are exposed to UV rays from the sun while driving, especially on longer trips. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation can cause sunburn and spending too much time in your car can permanently harm your skin. However, there are ways to mitigate the risks. Window tinting is one way to reduce the effects of UV rays. It also has a lot of other benefits that you might not have considered before. In this article, we’ll look at how window tinting can help protect you and your car from UV radiation, as well as exploring the other benefits tinting can bring to your car windows.

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What Is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is the application of a thin, translucent coating to the windshield and side windows of a vehicle. The goal is to lower interior heat by preventing damaging ultraviolet rays from entering the car.

How Effective is Window Tinting For UV Protection?

You understand the philosophy and importance of auto window tinting, but how effective is it? Is it able to tolerate the sun’s daily heat? The answer is dependent on the type of window film you purchase. It will not be very effective if you invest in one of those inexpensive, cheap tint jobs. Low cost products often use the cheapest window film they can find, to keep their costs as low as possible. This may darken your windows, but lower quality window tints do not prevent the UV rays from shining through. However, with top tier brands like Xpel,  99 percent of all UV rays will be blocked from entering your vehicle.

It’s the ideal compromise between allowing natural light into your automobile and avoiding UV radiation damage. You won’t have to worry about your legs or back being burned. Driving with tinted windows has many advantages. You won’t have to squint when driving because the UV rays are reflected away from your vehicle.

Other benefits of window tinting for your vehicle

Additional Safety

Choosing a reputable window film company like Xpel is vital for UV protection and security. Because the window film sticks to the glass, it can protect it from direct impacts like flying debris from the road. Without protection, the glass will shatter if it breaks or cracks. You will not have to be concerned about this once you have a good quality window tint installed into your vehicle. 

Privacy Enhancement

Maybe you’re tired of people peering into your car when parked in a public parking lot. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of folks staring at you as you drive down the highway. In any event, tinted window film will help increase privacy when on the road. 

Keep your car interior in better condition.

The damage to your car’s interior is perhaps the most severe result of sun damage while driving. A year or two of consistent sun exposure can make your vehicle appear years older than it actually is. You can prevent such damage from occurring in the first place with automobile window tinting. The interior will retain its color and shape because the film blocks 99 percent of all UV rays.

Why should you choose Yuma Auto Spa for window tinting?

Window tinting is available at Yuma Auto Spa. If you’re interested in getting your car windows tinted, Yuma Auto Spa is the place to come! If you want your car window tinting to last for years, Yuma Auto Spa only uses high-quality laminate films like Xpel. Our tinted window products, services, and maintenance tips will help you get the most out of your tinted windows. Are you ready to make an appointment at Yuma Auto Spa? We’ll get you set up right away if you call 928-287-6199 or come to see us at 1246 S. 3rd Ave, Yuma, AZ 12804!

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