Does your Paint Protection Film Self Healing?

Just imagine if your car could “heal” itself. A scrape on the door from a shopping trolley or from debris on the road would be gone in minutes, leaving your vehicle immaculate! This really is possible, thanks to the self healing properties of paint protection film (PPF).

But what exactly is self healing paint protection film, and can PPF really self heal? Yuma Auto Spa’s industry professionals are ready to answer all of these questions and more in this article. 

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What is self healing PPF?

Self healing paint protection films allow your car’s damaged paint to fix itself. Consequently, you won’t have to take your vehicle to a mechanic for minor issues anymore. There are multiple layers in a self healing protective film. Polyester, adhesives, a clear coat and polyurethane are used to produce these films. Micro-replication is used to link them together to create a self healing paint protection coating. These anti fade and anti stain films also react to heat during the restoration process.

Paint protection films with self healing qualities, such as XPEL, can literally “heal” themselves. When exposed to heat, the film’s layers work together to preserve a vehicle’s paint and “repair” surface level damage.

How does it work? 

The adhesive allows the protective coating to stick firmly to the vehicle’s surface. It also allows it to be removed without damaging the car. The clear coat prevents stains and fading on the film. It also protects the film from yellowing, a common problem with low-quality films.

A 3mm release liner is included with the self healing paint protection film. The protective film may be removed easily at a later date. Apply heat to the damaged region using a heat gun to allow the layers beneath to reorganize and the scratches to fade away. If a heat gun isn’t available, use hot water. Allow the protective coating to trap the sun’s heat and renew itself by leaving your car in the sun. You get the impression that the protective film is self healing as you watch the scratches on your vehicle’s surface fade away.

Even when the automobile film gets scratched multiple times, the film’s integrity stays intact. Even if damage to the same area of your car’s surface occurs, the film can still help.

Paint protection film maintenance 

You must take adequate care of self healing paint protection film if you want it to last. Start by washing it, because the coating only protects your car’s paintwork from scratches, not from dirt and grime! Make sure you’re not washing your automobile in direct sunlight. Take it to a manual car wash instead.

If any chemicals or bird droppings fall on your vehicle’s surface, clean them up right away. They could ruin the covering if they aren’t dealt with promptly. To keep your car appearing clean and shiny, wax it at least once a month. Follow these steps, and the coating will not be harmed.

Why should you choose Yuma Auto Spa for self healing PPF?

Do you want to retain your car’s appearance and keep it in good shape? You should use a self healing protective film to keep your car looking shiny and new. Make sure you choose qualified professionals to install your PPF for you, so you get the best quality service available. 

Yuma Auto Spa offers a team of experts who have been assisting auto owners just like you in protecting their vehicles for years. We only use the best materials available. If you live in Yuma, call 928-287-6199 or come to 1246 S. 3rd Ave, Yuma, AZ.

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