Does Ceramic Coating Protect Against Rock Chips?

Car owners always want to keep their car’s appearance in pristine condition. Ceramic coating will provide an additional layer of protection for your vehicle! Some people claim that a ceramic coating will prevent rock chips. Is this true or not? What are the practical benefits of ceramic coating? Follow this article with Yuma Auto Spa in Yuma, AZ, to find all the answers and more!

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Ceramic Coatings Protect Against Rock Chips: Is this true?

Ceramic coatings DO NOT protect against rock chips, scratches, swirl marks, or water spots. However, ceramic coatings certainly do have their advantages, most notably the hydrophobic surface they generate, making cleaning your automobile easier!

Benefits of Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic coating is a silicon dioxide based liquid polymer that produces a nanoscale exterior. This liquid polymer makes hydrophobic chemical connections with the car’s paint making your car easy to clean. 

Ceramic coating will provide additional protection for your vehicle’s exterior while preserving that new look shine, that all drivers want. The following are the main benefits of ceramic coatings:

UV and oxidation defense

If a vehicle’s paint is continuously exposed to the sun, it will oxidize and become dull and faded. A ceramic coating protects a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, reducing oxidation and preventing your car from looking faded and old. 

Chemical Stain Defense

Chemical browning, induced by natural acidic contaminants, is an additional danger to your vehicle. Ceramic coatings prevent pollutants from adhering to your car’s paint by creating a chemically resistant surface. If these sorts of contaminants are cleared on time, your car will be more resistant to stains and etching.

Gloss Enhancement

Utilize a ceramic coating if you want your paint to stand out with a shiny finish. By enhancing the reflecting properties of the paint and clear coat, a high quality ceramic coating enhances the depth and brilliance of your car’s paint.

The Lifespan of Ceramic Coating

With adequate care and maintenance, your ceramic coating will last between two and five years. Numerous professional ceramic coatings provide a lifetime guarantee.

Maintenance Tips.

Ceramic coatings fail to work as planned, in most cases, due to improper maintenance. Let’s examine some basic ideas for cleaning your car’s new ceramic coating.

Using sealant sprays

Using sealant sprays is an additional approach for increasing the life and performance of ceramic coatings. These reinforce the layer, preserving its look and properties over time. It will also restore the coating’s initial water repellent, hydrophobic properties.

Safe Method

To get the best results, we need to ensure that we use a safe and effective method to clean our vehicle. Consider using the two bucket approach for washing. Before touching the paint, use a pre-wash foam and wash the vehicle by hand. Never use an automatic car wash as this may damage the coating and your car’s paintwork.

Using neutral shampoo

When washing a vehicle with a ceramic coating, use a pH-neutral shampoo instead of more aggressive cleaning agents, which will shorten the coating’s longevity.

Utilize a Si02 wash to make your coating more durable and effective. Neutral ph shampoos might help revitalize your coat.

Frequent Car Cleaning

You should wash your automobile every two weeks. It is not stain proof or impenetrable to dirt just because it has been treated with enhanced protection! It will still get filthy, but it will be far simpler to clean than an uncoated automobile. You should also wait at least one week before washing the vehicle after adding a ceramic coating.

Ceramic coatings at Yuma Auto Spa in Yuma, AZ, will provide your car with multiple benefits. Furthermore, when choosing a ceramic coating at Yuma Auto Spa, your car will experience top notch techniques and high quality products from Xpel Fusion to make your car look in pristine condition. Now, it’s time to enhance your vehicle with a ceramic coating! Call us at 928 – 287 – 6199, or you can visit us at 1246 S. 3rd Ave, Yuma, AZ! Our qualified staff will help with all your car detailing needs!

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