Can You Wax Over A Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating and wax are the two common coatings that protect your vehicle from environmental factors. But can we apply wax over a ceramic coating to maintain the ceramic coating and the car’s paint? Continue to read this article with Yuma Auto Spa at Yuma, AZ, to find out the answer!

Wax Over A Ceramic Coating Yuma Auto Spa Yuma AZ

Is It OK To Apply Wax Over Ceramic Coating?

The simple answer is yes. A ceramic-based protector may be applied, allowed to set, and then coated with wax. However, we don’t recommend it. Applying wax over ceramic coating is rather unnecessary, however, it will decrease the time and work required to preserve your investment. In addition, ceramic-based protectants are so slippery that wax will have difficulty sticking to the surface after they have cured.

Potential Benefits Of Ceramic Coating.

Below is a summary of some advantages of the ceramic coating so you can choose whether it will be appropriate for your vehicle.

  • Protect Your Paint

A ceramic coating protects the car against solvents, alkalis, and other dangerous substances by acting as an acid-resistant barrier. Ceramic coating will protect the automobile against oxidation, damaging UV rays from the sun, acid rain, and bird droppings.

  • Give shine to your vehicle and improve its value.

The ceramic coating increases the paint’s reflection, enhancing its depth and transparency. It will make your vehicle look shiny and new and as a result, it will boost its resale value.

  • Reduce Water resistant

Ceramic coating is well known for its water and dirt resistance. When coated on automobiles, ceramic coatings create a “lotus leaf effect” that allows water to collect in a stream and fast flow off your car. A ceramic coating will therefore aid in the removal of mud and debris. In addition, this function is crucial for the windscreen, helping to clear the driver’s line of sight and ensuring optimal safety under rainy driving conditions.

Prolong The Lifetime Of Ceramic Coating With Proper Care.

  • Schedule time to wash every two weeks

Cars with ceramic coatings should be washed every two weeks. This will aid in eradicating any pollutants that the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating do not eliminate and will prevent water stains from forming.

  • Clean your automobile with the Two Bucket Car Wash Method.

Your shampoo will be contaminated if you do not employ the two-bucket hand washing approach. Using two buckets to hand wash a vehicle has been proven to help avoid swirl marks and provide exceptional results.

When washing a car utilizing the two bucket approach, always begin at the top and work your way down, rinsing each panel. It will prevent the spread of heavy pollutants and restrict the production of water stains.

  • Limit washing your car in direct sunlight.

When washing a vehicle in direct sunlight, it is more probable that hard water stains and soap residue will form. Wash your car under a covered building or in a heavily shaded outdoor site to guarantee that your hard work pays off and avoid producing water stains.

If none of these choices are available, wash the vehicle in the early morning or late evening.

Xpel Fusion Ceramic Coating At Yuma Auto Spa in Yuma, AZ.

Xpel Fusion Plus forms molecular connections to seal and protect surfaces against environmental pollutants, ultraviolet radiation, and insect acids. With a single application, the Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating provides unparalleled gloss, greater hydrophobic protection, and enhanced scratch resistance across a broad range of surface types.

Xpel fusion ceramic coating at Yuma Auto Spa consists of:

  •  Wash/Decontaminate
  •  Single Step Correction
  •  1 Layer of Xpel Fusion
  •  1 Layer of Xpel Fusion as a Top Coat
  •  1 Layer of Xpel Fusion on Plastic and Rims
  •  1 Layer of Xpel Fusion on Windshield and Front Side Windows

When you hire a detailer to apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle, we assure you that the layer will perform properly and will last for an extended period. We only use premium ceramic coatings.

Xpel Fusion ceramic coating at Yuma Auto Spa will be a perfect option for your vehicle. We offer high-quality ceramic coatings and high qualified technicians. Call 928-287-6199 or visit 1246 S. 3rd Ave, Yuma, Arizona, to schedule an appointment.

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